10 Back-to-School Technology Tools for 2010

It’s that time of the year again, when you may want to consider what to get for back to school. Here are some technology tools that you may want to consider to add to your academic toolkit this year:

(1) Apple iPad Tablet: I tried out the iPad the other day at a local Apple store. The browsing experience is quite fun. Their virtual keyboard could have been better, but still a fun and useful new toy. You may also want to check out some of the best iPad cases available for your new iPad.

Apple iPad Tablet for Back to School.

(2) Kindle Wireless Reading Device: For those not aware, Amazon recently dropped their Kindle prices. They are now only $189 for the regular kindle and $379 for the Kindle DX. You can freely and easily download digital books through their 3G download system.

(3) Good old laptop: Microsoft’s Windows 7 came out last year. If you liked Windows XP, you’ll like Windows 7 even better. If you need to upgrade your computer to Windows 7 from the dreaded Windows Vista or even from XP, it might be an ideal time to do so. Softpedia mentioned that Windows 7 will soon be the #2 operating system in the world, surpassing Windows Vista and after Windows XP.

(4) Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet – I bought one of these last year. I’m left handed, so it’s helpful to me to use it to balance the use of my mouse with my right hand (see my post on Using the Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet for Clicking with the Left Hand ). If you like to draw onto your computer, it’s also quite helpful that way.

(5) Ergonomic Laser Mouse – I also bought one of these ergonomic mice last year. I enjoy how it fits my palm. The tracking is highly precise. I also like the forward and backwards browsing buttons, as it’s faster than clicking the forward and backward buttons on browsers.

(6) Dragon NaturallySpeaking – For this piece of software, I bought it a couple of years ago as a way to record some of the thoughts that I had gathered over several years. These thoughts were recorded on a private blog, which I have recently released to the public at: Post of the Day dot Info

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Back to School

(7) Lego’s Mindstorms 2.0 robotics kit is great fun. It’s a toy, but a great educational one at that. I just bought one for myself a few months ago to learn more about robotics.

(8) Cell Phone Watch – I’ve always wanted one of these gadgets. It seems like an efficient way to check time and to wear your cell phone on your wrist.

(9) Adobe’s Creative Suite CS5 is out. It is available for either Windows or Mac. Some people may want to buy it. CS4 was a major upgrade, as the visual tool panels are finally showing up well, in a fixed location instead of constantly having to move them due to them cluttering your work space. If you didn’t buy CS4, you may want to buy CS5.

(10) Microsoft Office 2010 recently came out. You may want to look into if you wish to stay up-to-date with this latest version of Office and get this latest version.

Today’s students and teachers have such a wide variety of high-tech toys to not only help them with their studies, but also to use them as devices to learn about technology. It seems like lots of fun, and a great time to be a student!