iPad Alternatives : Good Alternative Touch Tablets to iPads

The iPad (first generation) and iPad 2 introduced into the consumer market by Apple have been well received by the public. Many people and many organizations have ordered one or more iPads for themselves, or for groups of people. This is not too surprising, considering its usefulness and ease of use, since people just need to simply touch a screen to perform a wide variety of computing commands. The battery level usage of the iPad is also quite efficient, reducing the amount of power consumption required, and allowing people to readily use it for longer periods without charging, compared to a laptop or a netbook. In addition, it’s light and easy to carry, further adding to the iPad’s widespread appeal.

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Having said that, many people like to have more options besides a single tablet from one company. One such group of alternatives to iPad are the Android Honeycomb tablets, which have similar screen sizes to Apple’s iPads. Running on Google’s Android 3.0 operating system, these tablets run on a different operating system than Apple’s iOS, and offer users a slightly different experience compared to Apple’s products. Although Apple’s products are probably more beautifully designed than its counterparts, Honeycomb tablets offer very similar functionality and touchscreen experience. The level of Honeycomb app sophistication is probably currently less than Apple’s apps, but may increase in the future. If you are thinking of getting a touchscreen tablet, you may want to consider a touch tablet that runs the Android operating system as an alternative to Apple’s iPads. We have profiled and covered some of these tablets in our Touch Tablet section of TechXav Technology magazine that you may want to browse through.