TAG Heuer Android Swiss Smartwatch through Intel & Google

TAG Heuer Swiss Watch

An Android Swiss smartwatch using novel technology from Intel’s chips and Google’s operating system is being planned by TAG Heuer.  This is a direct challenge to Apple’s new Apple watch set to debut next month. Conventional Swiss watch makers likely wish to be able to hold or expand their market share of timekeeping devices due to Apple’s imminent introduction of luxury versions with the gold Apple watch (Apple Watch Edition), or at least take a piece of the pie from Apple’s introductory smartwatch model.

With Android being the main alternative mobile software competitor to Apple’s iPhone in the smart phone arena, it was a natural operating system on which to base new smart watches through Google’s Android Wear software.  This avenue would open the door for traditional European watch manufacturers to the technological world.  Of course, this is an intelligent response to move in quickly to this relatively new market of smart watches.   The disruptive technology can perhaps be compared to lessons learned from previous monolithic corporations such as Kodak, which failed to capitalize sufficiently rapidly on digital technology such that digital cameras (eventually smartphones) gradually evaporated its traditional market share in conventional photographic film, rendering it almost obsolete.

Founded in 1860 in Switzerland, TAG Heuer has more than a century and a half of experience with manufacturing timekeeping devices.  Ultimately, the consumer may benefit from such broad innovation across the spectrum of timeless and innovative corporations that span the globe.  At the very least, there may be price pressure on these smart watches that will keep the consumer happy.

The TAG Heuer Smartwatch is expected to come out in late 2015.