1 Million People in South Africa Use Facebook Daily

facebook_logoAccording to Facebook, the social network has over 175 million active users and the fastest growing demographic is those 30 years old and older. Based on statistics from various source, it has revealed that South Africans has close to a million users using the world’s popular social networking platform every day. That makes up around 0.57% of the total population in Facebook. On the other hand, United States dominate the websites with as astounding 30% and 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States.

From the graphs below, you’d have noticed that in less than a month, there is a significant increase of 225,000 in the number of South African users. This is indeed an amazing achievement and there is even no sign of drop in the number of locals joining Facebook. However, the 1 million daily users is just only 2% of the total country’s population of about 50 million as compared to the United States (300 million) of 17.5%!

It’s also known that most South African users who log on to the platform daily are mainly the 18-25 age group. Next is the 26-34 and the least got to be the 35-44 age group. Surprisingly, a higher number of females uses Facebook as compared to the males. From the graph, it seems that the number of users are accelerating at a slow rate for the past these few days with an estimate increase of just 1,000.

According to Alexa, Facebook.com is ranked number 2 as the most visited website tailing behind Google.co.za in South Africa.