Beautiful Cell Phone Concepts That Will Blow Your Mind

The speed of how technology grows is unbelievable — it advances with a geometric progression rather than an arithmetical one. One quintessential example would be the mobile technology. When Martin Cooper invented the “brick”-like 30-ounce phone cell phone in 1973, it was ugly, bulky, and its batteries could only power the handset for just 20 minutes. Today, the term “cell phone” has evolved to another word called “smartphone”.

Smartphones are increasingly taking over the job of a computer. Apple’s iPhone has touch-screen interfaces to help us navigate through apps, surf the web, and even indulge in an ultimate gaming experience. For example, imagine yourself driving a sports car on Need For Speed Undercover using the iPhone’s accelerometer.

Yet we are still not contented and crave for more impressive features and intuitive interfaces.

So what the future of mobile phones will be like? A transparent mobile phone like the one below? Or a multi-sensory phone that works with the sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch? Below are 10 beautiful and creative cell phone concepts that might appear in the next few decades.

Window Phone Concept

Designer Seunghan Song’s Window Phone concept imagines what it would be like to get the weather from your mobile, as intuitively as looking out your window. The glass display of the cell phone would be clear and fresh to look at on a sunny day, and damp and blurry on a rainy or snowy day. To send text messages or make phone calls, simply blow your breath and it goes to a hand writing mode. Pretty amazing, right?

Finger Touching Wearable Mobile Phone concept.

Let your fingers do the talking with Sunman Kwon’s ambitious Finger Touching Wearable Mobile Phone concept, a device that takes the form of a common band wrist but with a small and important twist to it. Using 3.5G or 4G communication standards, the technologies that will let anyone make video calls and a lot more, the laser system integrated in this wrist cell phone harnesses user’s fingers, and transforms them into a 3×4 alphanumeric keyboard.

Mobile Script

Designed by Aleksandr Mukomelov, this candybar style cell phone concept acts as both a mobile device and a laptop in your pocket. When you unfurl the flexible OLED display, it stiffens with a low voltage charge, and users will then be able to enjoy features like Internet browsing, working on-the-go, games and communication. This sleek gadget relies on solar power to power instead of batteries. The case is covered in a photo sensitive nano material that converts sun light into energy.