Top 10 Geekiest Cake Designs

Do all these the cakes below threaten to devour us all? Yes they do. These creative and beautiful cakes are done for popular gadgets, and some of them are so accurately rendered that you probably can’t spot any difference between the cake and the genuine one. One quintessential example would be the giant iPhone wedding cake. The icons are neatly arranged in four columns and rows, and it even displays the four bars of AT&T’s 3G signal, digital time and a battery status bar. Another favorite of mine is the Nikon D700 camera cake. It looks pretty in both the exterior and interior.

At this point of time, I think I gonna head down to the nearest confectionery and grab a bite. Enjoy!

iPhone 3G Cake (link)

Pink iPod Cake (link)

Nikon D700 Camera Cake (link)

Blackberry Cake (link)

MacMini Cake (link)

Amazon Kindle Cake (link)

Nintendo DS Cake (link)

Wii Remote Cake (link)

Xbox 360 Cake (link)

Apple MacBook Cake (link)