15 Free Websites to Download any YouTube Videos

YouTube – the world’s largest social video platform doesn’t have the ‘Download Video’ feature to enable video fans to download their favorite YouTube videos. But today, I’m going to share with you ’15 Free Websites to Download any YouTube Videos’.

Here they are –

KeepVid is the one most popular place where most video fans download YouTube videos from. My personal favorite feature which KeepVid has is that it displays the top videos around the net so that you can easily download them to your desktop. KeepVid not only supports YouTube videos, it also enables you to download videos from DailyMotion, MetaCafe and many more.

DownloadYouTubeVideos.com is a simple and easy to use video tool. Simply copy and paste the YouTube video URL and you are done. This website has options to help you find popular videos such as ‘Most Downloaded’, ‘Most Viewed (Weekly)’, ‘MyVids’. The ‘MyVids’ feature is useful as it shows you which YouTube videos you have recently requested for download.

TechCrunch which is a popular tech blog has created a YouTube Video Download Tool for easy downloading of YouTube videos. However, you’ll need to have VLC player to play YouTube videos which are in the FLV format.

If you want to download YouTube videos in MP3 format, from videos to songs, you can try flv2mp3. Besides downloading it, flv2mp3 has options for you to post or bookmark it in social bookmarking sites, send it to your friends via e-mail or embed it in MySpace. This useful tool is absolutely free.

VideoDownloader2.0 is not only another popular YouTube videos downloading site, it also has a Firefox extension which saves you time and effort to copy and paste URLs to download videos. Other than YouTube videos, it also supports iFilm, Metacafe, DailyMotion, MySpace and many more.

YouTubeCatcher lets you download YouTube videos easily and fast, and even watch them online. You can also check out the recent and popular downloads by YouTubeCatcher users.

The main focus of SaveTube is not to download YouTube videos, but to back up your videos in case something serious happens in YouTube. It supports videos from DailyMotion, Metacafe, eyespot, Break and many more.

is another simple YouTube videos downloading tool which you only need to copy and paste the URL into the form provided and download to your PC.

KissYouTube is a useful tool which has a very unique way to download YouTube videos. To download a particular video, you’ll need to add the word “kiss” into the URL before “youtube…” and after “www.”. It’ll automatically bring you to the KissYouTube website and you can start downloading from there. Share the video with your friends if you want by using the ‘Share’ feature.

VideoDownloadX has many cool features which it’s worth trying. Besides downloading YouTube videos, converting them to other formats such as AVI or WMV is also possible. The downside of the ‘share with friends via e-mail’ feature is that all the files are called get_videos which you must add the flv. extension manually.

A highly recommended website to download YouTube videos, Zamzar does online file format conversion too. Therefore you need not to search for online file conversions to convert your downloaded YouTube videos if you don’t have an flv player. It supports up to 100MB per download or convert.

YouTubia acts like a YouTube search engine whereby you can search for YouTube videos by either user of keyword. But do note that YouTubia doesn’t have many options.

Vixy.net is an online video conversion site which can do a lot more than just converting to downloading YouTube videos to your computer. It uses a compressed domain transcoder technology to convert video files online, before downloading right into your desktop.

DownloadYouTubeVideo.org is yet another simple and easy-to-use YouTube video downloading tool which doesn’t have much features in it.

MyDownloadVideo is a YouTube video downloading online tool which you only need to copy and paste your favorite YouTube video URL into the form provided and you can start downloading within minutes.