20GB in 1980 vs. 32GB in 2010

Over the years, technology has grown rapidly, and it advances with a geometric progression rather than an arithmetical one. As a teenager, I did not witness the birth of the storage technology, thus I am not able to see the vast difference between then and now. Fortunately, the graphic above enables me to visualize how huge 20GB of storage looked like back in the 1980s, and compare it with today’s extremely small 32GB microSD card.

Besides comparing the size of the mammoth and the ant, take a good look at the prices too. The IBM 3380 Disk Systems would have cost you a massive $648,000 – $1,137,600 but the Samsung 32GB microSD card, which weighs just 0.5 grams or 0.0001 pounds, comes with a relatively low price tag of $100 – $150.

So what new storage technology do we anticipate in the near future? Will the 32GB microSD become a spec of dust 20 years down the road when I am at the peak of my adulthood? Maybe.