44tips.com – The Most Social Online Start Up Page Ever?

44tips2Currently in early beta, 44tips is a website which aims to help users organize their favorite websites or social accounts all in one place without any much hassle. Focusing on simplicity, users can create a functional, simple and easy-to-use startup page with everything you love such as importing photos, videos, music, bookmarks and many more by bring all your online accounts together in one place. Just like the iPhone, in a uniform and visually attractive format.

To start, simply create an account and adding URLs. To gain easy access to all your favourite sources, like YouTube, Flickr, LastFM and Delicious, click on the respective thumbnails and you’re good to go. One of the coolest and most impressive feature 44tips offers is the ability to discover similar content with just a click. With this useful feature, users are able to find new content everyday with their suggestions of sites, videos, music and photos similar to what you already love. It’s indeed convenient and surprising. What’s more is that you can even collect everything you like by saving the content you find and build collections of your favorite videos, music, photos and bookmarks. Or create your own multimedia presentation!

44tips’ Similar Sites Feature:

Overall, I’m pretty impressed by 44tips. Why? Rather than just being like any other start up pages offered by websites or browser add-ons, the folks at 44tips have implemented several social features which is relatively crucial in today’s world wide web. For example, you can send your favorite content to your friends and give them tips about new music or videos and show them what makes you tick! In the near future (by the end of this week, around August 23/24 2009), Eric Visser, the founder of 44tips said that he plans to include much more social content and features such as: communication tools (Twitter, Facebook etc), friends (from your social networks), Notes, and RSS.

So stay tuned to 44tips‘ next release which will come with many really cool features awaiting for you to try them out!