Cool Twitter Mashups

Ever since Twitter released its API to the public, developers around the world rack their brains creating applications or tools that are benefitial for the users. Some of them are successful such as TwitPic, TwitterFeed and TweetLater. Out of a few thousands of Twitter applications, some of which are mashups which integrate at least two different data together. Grabbing information from multiple sources, I’ve compiled some cool Twitter mashups.

What’s a mashup?

A mashup is a Web application that combines data or functionality from two or more sources into a single integrated application.


TweetNews is a mashup that offers real-time search results by aggregating feeds from various sources such as Google News, Digg and Techmeme. For example, search for ‘harry potter’ on TweetNews and you get the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince which was buzzing more in Twitter at that minute.


In an effort to fight plagiarism, tweetCC, a  Twitter service developed by Andy Clarke and Brian Suda, enables Twitterers to publish and license their tweets with Creative Commons. Basically, how this free service works is simple. All you need to do is to send a reply via Twitter to tweetCC with the follwing words “@tweetcc: I license my tweets under a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license”. You’ll then be included the list.


Divvoted lets you vote for your favourite sites with Twitter. Great for showing off your latest designs, or checking out other peoples votes for inspiration. It’s easy to vote. Follow @divvoted with Twitter, and then post your votes like this: @divvoted I love this site because it is great!