Clever Software Automatically Detects If You’re Smiling, Then Sends Smiley Emotion To Front-Most App

Emoticons are a very clever use of standard punctuation marks to express a human emotion in text messages, informal e-mails, and instant messaging conversations between friends, family members or co-workers. However, it’s so commonly used in these mediums that we sometimes don’t really express it through our facial expressions. Take a look at the comic below, and you’ll know.

If you would like to enforce honesty or prove your sincerity in your online communication, then you should give Auto Smiley a try!

Here’s how this ingenious software application works: it automatically detects if you’re smiling using your computer’s webcam, and then sends the ASCII smiley emotion to the front-most application running. It could be your Windows Live Messenger, GTalk, AIM, e-mail, whatever!

This is indeed awesome, don’t you think so?