Blueding: An Online Tool That Lets You Download Content To Your Mobile Phone Through Bluetooth

logo_280In most first world countries, mobile phones are so important in our lives that we can’t carry on our daily activities without it. We use it to call, send SMSes, snap a photo, listen to music, surf the web, play games, etc. Most phones today are bluetooth-enabled which allows phone users to send/transfer anything to their friends from phone to phone or via the computer with ease.

Making use of the Bluetooth technology, Blueding is an online app which enables you to search content (pictures, music, applications & games and videos) and then download them to your mobile phone through Bluetooth. Developed by MobiScanner, Blueding is powered by Google AJAX Search API and comes in both English and Spanish.


When users find a particular content, for example music, they can stream the songs directly on the site and for photos, there are thumbnails. After finding what you want, you can choose whether to download it directly to your phone via Bluetooth or computer. Besides letting you finding images, music and videos, it even lets you download a string of URL and a piece of text. Need a Google Map on your phone? You can easily have one embedded in your mobile phone by clicking on “Maps”.

If you’re wondering whether Blueding contains copyrighted content, well, the folks there says that “ distributes information supplied by third parties and provides Internet links and references gathered from outside sources.” and “has no way to determine which files have a copyright and which do not”.