Can you live without social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube & Flickr?

In today’s advanced world, gadgets such as mobile phones and computers have been placed in our list of necessities in our daily lives. As we enter a new era of technology, social websites like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr will play an important role in our lives too, and gradually becoming a need among humans. With over 200 million registered users on Facebook, millions of Internet users tagging photos on Flickr and watching videos on YouTube, it seems like a huge majority of people around the world cannot part with these social platforms.


As a teenage blogger, I personally feel that these websites are relatively important to me as they offer a a large variety of benefits and opportunities. After school, I’m still able to communicate and intereact with my friends on the virtual world (Facebook). Be it sharing our secrects and personal stuff or discussing and collaborating on upcoming school projects have boost our two-way communication skills and also to learn more about the other party. Even though Facebook has a feature which enables users to post photos, however I still prefer to use photo-sharing platform Flickr as it provides a more interesting and easy way to share and tag photos. This is pretty crucial as sharng photos with my friends via the Internet is able to brighten up my day whenever I feel gloomy. Of course, I would feel overjoyed and satisifed when my friends like my photos and post positive comments about them.

Dubbed as the “most popular video sharing platform” on the world wide web, Google’s YouTube offers millions of user-uploaded videos that comes in many different categories and uses. Some use it for educational purposes, a leisure haven, to catch up with the latest news and the list goes on. As a student, I would spend several hours a week watching science experiments done by renowned professors on YouTube to increase my knowledge and interest on Science.

Many of you guys might think that these social platforms are a “want” rather than a “need”. On the other hand, I disagree because without Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, my life would be much more boring and some things would have become more tough to complete. Technology is moving at a really fast rate and I believe they would come in handy and help us overcome many difficult issues in our lives. So can you live without these social websites I have mentioned in this post? Well, leave your valuable comments below…