CastTV Lets You Watch Full TV Episodes Online

casttvIf you’re outside, probably in the car waiting for someone or in the office, most likely you aren’t able to catch your favorite TV programs on your wide plasma screen, sitting comfortably on your leathery sofa. However, with CastTV, you can watch full length TV episodes online from your laptop for free.

Based in San Francisco, CA, CastTV is a wide-reaching video aggregator which grabs TV episodes and videos from other sources such as YouTube, Hulu, MegaVideo, CBS NBC and many more. They also host some videos on their server but this is only a minority of them. However, you might have noticed that several videos mainly from Hulu wouldn’t be able to stream if you’re living outside the United States. Also, for MegaVideo, it only limits viewing time at one IP address to 72 minutes and you’d have to wait for around 54 minutes for it to continue. I know this is quite frustrating to most of you but you should understand complimentary videos always have disadvantages.

Not only does CastTV offers just TV episodes, it also enables users to watch viral videos, movie trailers and even the latest 2009 Oscar trailers and animated shorts. For each video, there is a short description which summarized what the video is all about and the ranking of the episode. Currently, the top TV episodes include 316, An Honest Mistake, The Target and Ocean’s Three and a Half. For viral videos, there are
Rick Santelli and the “Rant of the Year”, 2/21/09: Your Weekly Address and can kiss cant able to love.


The folks at CastTV has implemented some useful features which benefits most users. One of them is the SafeSearch and you can choose to disable the Safe Search Filter or activate it. By default, the SafeSearch is switched on. Another one which I would like to comment about is the video reviews. Written by Marie, a member of CastTV, she reviews videos which are funny and popular ones.

Overall, this wonderful video aggregator is quite user-friendly and we can basically search for any video we want almost instantly. So if you’d like to watch TV episodes, viral videos and movie trailers, make CastTV your perfect choice!