CES: Microsoft’s Press Conference

Last night at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Steve Balmer, the CEO of Microsoft, held a press conference. The press conference was delayed almost 30 minutes! The large screens, monitors, and the computers drained the power. But the show went on!


I think everyone was really looking forward to the Courier being released. Sadly, it wasn’t. The new slate line was released. HP, Pegatron, and Archos are going to make the tablets.  The Slates are running Windows 7. The device has multi-touch, which seems standard these days. It is coming at the end of 2010.


Windows introduced their new Media Room. It is a subscription television service, right from your television, Windows Media Center or Windows Mobile Phone. It will allow you to watch live TV from these devices. It is run by Microsoft’s Silverlight.

Xbox 360

Microsoft talked a lot about the Xbox. They mentioned Modern Warfare 2 is going to be releasing new DLC this Spring. The new Halo Reach, coming this fall, was mentioned. They were really trying to push other things besides gaming.

The Xbox 360 Gameroom is going to be released this Spring. It will allow you to play arcade games in a “room”.

The biggest thing released last night was Project Natal. Project Natal is Wii like. It is motion sensetive, allowing you to be the controller. It will be availible at the end of 2010.


It was a pretty good press conference. I was just really excited for the Courier. The Project Natal will be big this year.