Create Your Private Tiny URLs with CopyTaste

copytaste-mainLet’s say you’d want to share secret stuff or information with your friends and don’t wish to let others to view them. This is when a new start-up called CopyTaste comes in handy. What does this service does is that it enables users to share their data with their colleagues or friends and have them hosted on an anonymously hosted page using a private URL. This works similar to the Blogger platform’s private page option that requires only invites by the administrator in order for their friends to view the content.

Currently, CopyTaste supports only text, media such as photos and videos. The WYSIWYG text editor, including the rich text (image and videos) option, offers basic text-editing features such as fonts, size, decorations, colors, HTML, etc. You can then make it comment-enabled or private the content so that only those which you’ve allowed to view it are able to do so.


Even though registration is optional but it’s rather useful if you want to post multiple updates frequently and they are linked together in your OpenID profile. I’m pretty impressive because CopyTaste focuses on simplicity and brings wonderful features to users.