Crocodoc: Your Document Collaboration Tool

There are many great places on the web to collaborate, but it is really hard to do it with documents you have typed up on Word or iWork. Services like Google Wave and Evernote require you to do it all in their service. Why not type your document exactly how you want it in Word or iWork, upload it to Crocodoc, and have friends or colleagues collaborate with you?┬áThe great thing about Crocodoc is it offers a free version that doesn’t allow you to sign up. ┬áJust upload and share your link.

When you send a link to someone they will be able to edit it with a strikeout tool, a highlighter, and ability to leave comments with sticky notes. The downside to this service is the free version doesn’t allow you to password protect your page, thus leaving you to make tricky URLs to send to keep private between you and your friends.

Crocodoc offers a pro version that will allow you to see archives of uploaded documents if you forget the URL, password protect pages, and your documents will be SSL encrypted. Pro accounts cost $8.00 a month or $36.00 a year.

One of the things Crocodoc is missing is a way to see who made the notes, strikeouts, or highlights. Crocodoc is making a great, simple start. I am hoping more features are will start rolling out soon.

Use the demo here.

via TechCrunch