DIY: Make A Screen Protector For Your Cell Phone

Before I purchased the screen protector film for my iPhone 3GS, the screen often got stained with my fingerprints. I was also constantly worried that there will be scratches on the touchscreen surface. But now I need not to bother much about potential scratches. If you own a cell phone but could not find a suitable screen protector that fits nicely onto the screen, then you ought to check out the video below.

Created by Howcast, the 2-minute video clip shows you a step-by-step guide of how to make a screen protector for your mobile phone by simply harnessing materials that could be easily found at our homes. For example, you would need ruler, permanent marker, scissors of craft knife, bowl of water, dish soap, credit card, and most importantly a small portion of clear packing tape, which will act as the screen protector film. Follow the steps below and you are good to go! You have just saved a few bucks,