Create a Beautiful Web 2.0 Business Card with Dooid


Dooid is a newly launched service that lets users create mini virtual business cards that contain all their info in a simple but elegant way. It works something like Hi, I’m, a social consolidator which displays all your social networks on one page. However, Dooid offers a more impressive and functional user interface, accompanied with a few eye-catching graphics. Rather than just showing a list of social networking websites or blogs a particular user has, Dooid also displays him or her profile picture, including a short description and interests to help viewers gather more information about the person.

Under the contact page, users can share their e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and even the full address of their workplace with their potential clients. Adding private information such as personal e-mail addresses, IMs is also possible. The great thing is that they can include optimal password protection to keep certain information private from the public, especially spammers. A guest password is required to unlock it. If you would like to show visitors where you are currently located at, you can do by simply adding yourself on a Google Map.

Another feature that makes Dooid stands out is that it offers a wide variety of different well-designed skins for your personal virtual card. Currently, there are 23 beautiful designs to choose and my favorite is the one you see above, which looks like the default wallpaper of Mac OS Snow Leopard. You can even design a custom theme that suits your style too. Although the entire process of creating a business card may take you quite a while (probably 5-10 minutes), but the impressive jQuery-powered interface makes it more lively.

Overall, Dooid is indeed an unique and wonderful creation. It comes in handy especially for bloggers, Internet marketers or businesspersons who want to a build a beautiful yet free Web 2.0 business card. However, in my own opinion, it would better if users could embed this impressive virtual business card into their websites or blogs. The service is currently in beta and is founded by Per Schmitz.