Edutagger: A Social Bookmarking for Learners and Educators

edutag_logoEdutagger functions just like any other popular social bookmarking websites out there, be it Digg, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz or Mixx. However, the team who developed this platform has a focus in mind – that is to promote educational content by sharing links with others. Hence, Edutagger is mainly meant for K-12 learners and teachers. Another difference from others is that its voting system doesn’t requires you to create an account to thumbs up an article.

Since Edutagger isn’t so popular yet, you’ll see that most articles on the front page don’t have many votes. For each article, users can add their personal thoughts and opinions, submit it to other social bookmarking platforms or bookmark it. Similar to Digg’s “Upcoming” section, you can view the latest links submitted by users. If you’ve stumbled across an article which is related to educational in context, submit it on Edutagger to let students read it or teachers to use it as a teaching resource. However, submitting links requires you to sign up for a free account.


To access to more links, Edutagger even offers wonderful “Categories”, “Top Tags” and “Popular” sections. Currently, there are about few hundreds people using this service.