FirstFollower: Find Your First Twitter Follower Instantaneously

Most of us have probably forgotten who our first Twitter follower was, and it’s interesting to find out. However, it would be an arduous task if you were to do it manually, especially when you’ve thousands of followers. This is when a simple site can do the job almost instantaneously.

Designed by Russian developer Victor Babichev, FirstFollower is a new Twitter tool that lets users find out who their first follower was, including other users too. Simply punch in the username of the Twitter user you’d like to find out, and hit the “Wanna know” button. In a blink of an eye, FirstFollower will then display the first follower of that user. As simple as that.

Since the folks at Twitter have changed the way it displays followers earlier this year, it’s nearly impossible to determine the accuracy of this service, unless you’ve only a handful of followers and remembers who first followed you.

According to the app, Barack Obama’s first follower was Cori Schlegel. And did you know that Ashton Kutcher‘s first follower was Maya Baratz, a product manager at MTV and based in San Francisco?

Give this nifty little tool a try and spend a minutes or so playing with it. Don’t forget to thank your first follower!