Flocking.me – Search Tweets From Just Your Friends

Twitter currently doesn’t have a search system that helps you find your friends’ tweets. And using the traditional way of digging through millions of tweets on search.twitter.com is indeed an arduous task. Enters Flocking.me, a simple and useful app that enables you to easily find what your friends are saying.

To start, simply head over to Flocking.me and sign in via Twitter OAuth. Wait patiently for the system to gather all the tweets from your friends. Once done, you can then begin searching for updates your friends have published using the search bar. Only your friends tweets that match the search query will be displayed. Flocking.me even lets you search tweets on a interactive map powered by Google Maps.

One of the coolest features the service offers is the ability to view popular topics among your friends. It’s similar to Twitter trending topics, but the only difference is that these are the most talked-about topics by your friends and not the entire Twitter community.