Google Acquires Aardvark

Wow, Google has had a really busy week. They have released Buzz, have had a Nexus One and Droid update, are now an ISP, deleted Blogger accounts, and acquired Aardvark. Aaardvark is an awesome social media service that allows you to ask a question and an expert will answer. In December I heard, on Net@Night, that Google was in talks with Aardvark to buy them for $50 million. Yesterday, TechCrunch reported that Google and Aardvark finally made the deal. Google is really on the way to domination the net.

I am hoping Google doesn’t take down the service, which I doubt they will. I am sure Google will use the data from Aardvark to better their search results. Will the service come under the Google branding and Google site, or just be left alone for now? We can only speculate.

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