Google Buzz

Today Google released their awesome new service called Google Buzz. The new service is really impressive. Buzz is Twitter and Facebook in one service, incorporated with other Google services. Buzz will also be included into mobile phones. A new type of social network has emerged.

The Buzz service is incorporated into Gmail. In Gmail there will be a Buzz tab under the inbox tab. In the Buzz tab you can view your friend’s Buzz, recommended Buzzes, and write your own. When writing your own Buzz you can include images, text, and video. The whole service requires no refreshing, it is all updated simultaneously under your Buzz tab. A feature I feel is really important until an application is made. Today an API will also be released for 3rd party developers to get an application started.

Buzz’s top 5 features:

  1. Auto-following
  2. Rich, fast sharing experience
  3. Public and private sharing
  4. Inbox integration
  5. Just the good stuff

In Buzz you can share text, links, photos, and video so easily. Photos and videos will be brought up speedy fast in a preview window. On social media websites like Twitter and Facebook we have an @reply system. We can easily comment on what other people share. Well so does Buzz. If you comment or @reply someone else’s Buzz, the comment will go to the person’s Gmail inbox, in a special Buzz window. The next important part is the mobile aspect to Buzz.

A big part of Buzz will be its integration with Maps and Google’s mobile site. We all know of services like Foursquare and Gowalla. They let us share where we are, over social networks. But now you can easily share your location with Buzz. On Google’s mobile home page there will be a Buzz icon. Once you click the Buzz icon you can send a message and your location, publicly or privately.

With Buzz you are going to need a place where people can view all of your posts. That’s where Google Profile steps in. Example

So the next part of the mobile Buzz is the fact people nearby can see what you’ve said. In Google Maps (only works on iPhone and Android for now) it will find where you are and show people who have Buzzed by you. This will allow people to see reviews of a business or restaurant.

Currently you can only see incoming posts from Picasa, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook. During the Q/A session Google hinted towards an outgoing feature to come.

Google offers the privacy setting of allowing you to pick if the Buzz is public or private.

Buzz will be released out to the public through the week. Once I obtain it, a full review is to come.