Google Ends Support with IE6

Two weeks ago, Google was hacked by the Chinese government. Gmail accounts were accessed through Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 is a very old web browser (2001), from Microsoft. China found a way through IE6 and hacked companies like Google and Adobe.

Google slapped Microsoft in the face by taking away any Google website support in Internet Explorer 6. An IE6 user cannot access the main Google site, Google Docs, and their other services.

Google was VERY smart. There is nothing safe about an old web browser. People will find obvious flaws in an old, unpatched, applications. I don’t even know why Microsoft hasn’t discontinued the old browser. Many¬†companies¬†will follow Google. If you are still on IE6, I really suggest downloading a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to be safer on the web.

via TechCrunch