Google Launches New Blogger Template Designer

Search engine juggernaut Google on Thursday released a new feature that significantly broadens publishers’ ability to modify the look of their blogs. Available through Blogger in Draft (Blogger’s testing ground/sandbox site), the Blogger Template Designer tool offers 15 brand-new, highly customizable professional templates which divided into four categories: Simple, Picture Windows, Awesome Inc, and Watermark.

Users can also choose from among of hundreds of background images and patterns from iStockphoto and tweak color schemes in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. One pretty useful feature of the new tool is the ability to select the size and arrangement of the columns. For example, publishers can easily adjust the size of the entire blog or sidebar by either moving the slider bar or entering the desired value in pixels.

Know nuts about CSS or HTML? The Blogger Template Designer tool allows you to change the font, font size, text color for the “Page Text”, “Links”, “Post Title”, “Tabs Text”, all under the “Advanced” section.

“The presentation of your content online and how you create that presentation is very important to self-expression. How you look online is your personal brand,” said Siobhan Quinn, a Blogger product manager. “With this new tool, we want to empower users to express themselves not only through their words but also through their blog’s design.”

The exciting feature will be rolled out in within the next few weeks.