Google Wave: A Mash-up of Google Docs, GMail and GTalk?

Recently, the keyword “Google Wave” is very hot, as it is a new experimental communication platform developed by search engine giant Google. Currently, only a few people have the chance to test the preview. Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky ones, but after reading lots of reviews about Google Wave, I got a special feeling that Google Wave is actually mash-up of Docs, GMail and GTalk.

As useful as Google Docs

Google Docs is quite useful for enterprises, as it provides concepts such as Document Sharing, Collaboration and Online Office. It is a typical Rich Internet Application which has the same feature as Microsoft Office.

Google Wave can be used as a communication tool among co-workers, thus they can collaborate much more easily, read and write a document together even while they are talking about this document. Enterprise users will like Google Wave very much, since it increases the efficiency of teamwork.

As comprehensive as GMail

If you have used GMail before, you may love the impressive conversation mode best, am I right? GMail is famous for its wondering threading conversations. In the past, Email used to be displayed singularly. When we reply an Email, the original text will be attached at the footer, but what will happen if we discuss an issue via Email, and we have 10+ replies? Our inbox will become very messy, and we will not have a logical impression about these Emails. GMail combines them together to display them as conversations and this can significantly help us a lot when we have many replies.

Google Wave does the same thing, the core of Google Wave is conversation, so you can read all messages about a same topic simultaneously.

As real-time as GTalk

GTalk is an IM powered by Google and the core feature of IM is real-time. You can chat with your online friends without waiting.

Google Wave also provides this feature, although it is resembles like an Email system, it still integrates IM into it, you can simply start the real-time conversation.

What’s Google Wave all about?

Let us imagine a scene: Your partner sends you a Business Proposal about your project via Google Wave, just like Email in traditional way, then you read it. But you think some of the descriptions should be modified, then you reply to him, just like to reply through Email in traditional way. As he is online now, he can receive your reply in real-time, just like GTalk in traditional way, then he chats with you via Google Wave. After which, he invites other online co-workers into the conversation, and you all can discuss about the proposal together, just like Google Groups in traditional way. In the end, you all edit this proposal document together with collaboration, just like Google Docs in traditional way.

Now, can you fully understand what Google Wave is all about? I think it can change the Internet world, don’t you think so?