How Many Twitter Friends Are You Really Following? Well, Twitoria Tells You So…

twitter2If you follow a decent number of friends on Twitter just like me, most probably it’s tough to track all your friends whether do they update frequently or not especially when you’ve hundreds or probably thousands of friends. Sometimes, you’d want to find out who are those “inactive” users or pesky friends spammer whom you’re following and would like to filter them from the list by unfollowing them. This is when an amazing Twitter tool called Twitoria comes in really handy.

By punching in your Twitter’s username (no credentials are required), you can select the duration of being inactive (past week, 2 weeks, month, 2 months, 6 months and 1 year. It’ll then presents you a page with the username of the inactive user, number of followers, how many days he or she has been inactive and last posted tweet.


However, there are some limitations with the service. Due to Twitter’s public API, only a maximum of 100 friends are filtered through per page. This will be somehow a little annoying and troublesome because one would have to continue the process for many times as 100 friends are combed at a time. For me, it requires me quite a while to browse through over 26,000 friends!

In conclusion, Twitoria is indeed an unique and useful creation as it really benefits many users who are willing to “mass unfollowing” those people who have either joined Twitter for just a few days and leave the micro-blogging platform due to some reasons or a spammer whom you’ve accidentally followed while following users.