How to Gain Access to Free, Easy, Secure Wifi Anywhere?

When you bring your laptop out with you, most likely you’ll get frustrated by an inability to find free wifi access that is not only reliable but also secure. Sometimes you just don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket to subscribe a wireless broadband plan with your Internet service provider. When you read the title, you may think whether it’s “too good to be true” as it sounds impossible but actually there is such a thing. A service out there called WiFi allows Internet users to gain access to free, easy, secure wifi everywhere.

Currently in beta, WiFi is a desktop client that solves all your worries when you’re away from your home or office. It knows all the best hotspots in the world and its connection manager lets users connect to those which are the most suitable for them. Besides allowing you to connect, it even enables you to share access to your secure wifi network with your friends and of course the network will expands when there is a huge number of people joining.

With WiFi, you need not to take the trouble to find hotspots that doesn’t requires you have the correct security credentials in order to access it as it compiles open, secure, and commercial wireless Internet networks to offer users the greatest choice of available wifi hotspots for easy, free, and secure wifi access.


According to WiFi, it has taken strict measures to protect users’ confidential information, communications, and browsing history to potential hackers, “ is implementing the same secure solution employed by Fortune 500 companies, banks and leading online merchants to protect your secure wireless Internet communications. By encrypting user communications, users are rest assured their information is secure from prying eyes and hackers.”

To start, you’d have to sign up for an account which is free and you must download the client which only support various operating systems such as Windows XP and Mac OS X. The Windows Vista and Symbian-based mobile versions are coming soon. If you don’t wish to download the client, you can use their web-based hotspots search powered by Google Maps. Users can narrow their search results by using the advanced search or select “free” or “commercial”.


Many people are impressed by this service, including me and the WiFi aspires to become world’s largest network of free wireless Internet hotspots.