How To Synchronize Bookmarks Across Computers & Browsers Easily?

zinkmoWonder how to transfer your bookmarks across multiple computers? Well, some people might introduce you to Foxmarks, a browser add-on which keeps your bookmarks in sync across computers and securely backed up in the cloud. Today, I would like to introduce you another interesting simple browser plug-in and desktop app called Zinkmo.

Created by both Michael Hardy and Robert Senoff, their main objective is to help users to solve a tough problem. That is to access personal favorites and bookmarks from multiple desktops in a simple and reliable way. Zinkmo was actually an improved version of IESync which is now no longer active anymore. Using the powerful bookmarks synchronization technology, Zinkm lets users sync bookmarks across computers of unlimited favorites by just using a desktop client to transfer them. Besides that, synchronization between the Firefox and IE browsers is also supported.


Having this feature indeed helps us to save time and effort as we need not to export and import bookmarks in a file across these two popular browsers. Not only that, all you need is just a simple add-on to help you. Not only does Zinkmo provides synchronizing, it even allows sharing of bookmarks folders.