HP Ink Costs More Than Human Blood [GRAPH]

Earlier this month, we shared a personal experience about a guy who prefers to purchase a new inkjet printer instead of an ink cartridge whenever he runs out of ink. The reason is because the printer is much cheaper than the ink cartridge. For some particular reasons, most ink cartridges from HP and Canon tend to come with a relatively high price tag as compared to the big and bulky printer itself.

Clementine has gathered information from various sources (she didn’t state where she get them from) and put them together into a graph. Apparently, HP Black Ink #45 costs nearly two times more than human blood. Human blood? Yes. According to Red Cross, 500ml of blood is worth $200, pricing out to $0.40 per ml. Penicillin is the third most expensive liquids among listed, followed by 3M PF-5030, and then Vodka.

Via ReflectionOf.Me