If You Printed Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Founded in 2006, Twitter has evolved from a simple micro-blogging platform that allows users to share they are doing with their friends, co-workers or family members in 140 characters to a billion-dollar Internet company with only 156 employees. Till date, there are over 54 million people all over the world using Twitter publsihing more than 8 billion tweets (the information in the infographic seems a little outdated).

Have you ever wonder how many papers would you need if you were to print Twitter? Well, the folks at Creative Cloud have designed a creative and detailed infographic that helps us answer our question. According to information gathered from various sources, they claim that it would require a massive 350 million sheets of paper in order to print the entire Twitter onto it. It’s quite exaggerating though but at least it tells us how huge Twitter is.

Via Creative Cloud