Why The iPad Is Not Going To Revolutionize Web Browsing

Apple products may be overpriced, but you got to admit that they are the absolute best at marketing – from the Stevenotes to the zen-like simplicity. Their marketing team makes any Apple product seems like a dream. Just look at the PC vs Mac Ads. You will notice the funnier actor (John Hodgeman AKA PC) does all the acting, while the Mac just sits there and makes fun of PC’s problems.

I use a Macbook, own a iPod touch, and come from perhaps the most Apple-obsessed school in the world. I should think the iPad is awesome. However, it is simply an upsized version of the iPod touch – nothing more. I probably would have prefer a Netbook that supports flash and runs on a proper OS.

I love my iPod touch, but to use it to surf the web is like trying to make a sandwich with my feet. It’s possible, but not very fun. I hate clicking on buttons accidentally when I am scrolling. If you think the iPad is gonna perform like a keyboard and mouse, you are in for a shock. Mobile sites? It’s a tablet – it should not use a condensed version of the full webpage. Yet, I have a feeling that Facebook will get another dedicated multitouch webpage – not the actual Facebook.com we use on our computers.

Then, there is of course the old punching bag, Flash. I ain’t going to dwell on this too much; it has been beaten to dust already. If Apple really wants the iPad to be a web-reader, they NEED Flash. Facebook games are vital for on-the-go internet users; like the ability to “sound the horn” for mousehunt.

I took the picture you see on the right at Bangkok’s international airport last year. Kinda awesome, isn’t it? I don’t think everyone got the whole “mobile sites should not have Flash”‘ message yet.

And finally, we come to the ever so successful app store. There is one sole reason for the iPad to use it. Apple profits 30% from all sales. Since they profit so much from the iPhone app store, why stop? Make it the sole provider of apps. Make it so the iPad’s programs can be controlled. You may be buying the game from EA or Firemint, but you are still paying apple.

I wrote this post to remind people the iPad is not the second coming. There are too much apple fanboys on the net, and it seems harder and harder to get a clear picture about the iPad. As mentioned above, I use a Mac and prefer it to Windows, but we can’t just go gaga over any new piece of apple hardware. The iPad may be a great piece of hardware, but it is not going to revolutionize anything.