Lenovo U1: Two Computers in One

Wednesday night, Windows released their new tablet line, but there is something better. Coming 3rd quarter 2010, Lenovo is releasing their new laptop/tablet, called the U1. This thing is amazing! At first look it is a laptop, but yet it isn’t. It has an amazing hardware feature. You can slide off the “monitor” part of it and you have a tablet.


The laptop part is “netbookish”. It runs on a dual core processor and a Nvidia graphics card. The laptop has a full keyboard, touchpad, webcam, and a two hour battery life.


The tablet runs a Linux distribution. It has a 11.6 in touchscreen. Engadget used the tablet hands on and said it is a tad sluggish, the keyboard is a little small, and it has terrible horizontal viewing. It will probably be all fixed before its release in the fall. It has a 8 hour battery life.

This is awesome new technology! Even if it sucks, we can build off the technology and make something way better.