Microsoft and Yahoo are Angry over Google Buzz

With today’s launch of Google Buzz, Microsoft and Yahoo are now releasing press releases saying how wrong Google is for launching the new service.

Microsoft’s Statement:

Busy people don’t want another social network, what they want is the convenience of aggregation. We’ve done that. Hotmail customers have benefitted from Microsoft working with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and 75 other partners since 2008.

Yahoo’s Statement:

Yahoo has to realize their product isn’t going to catch on. Google is going to blow them away like they already have with all of their other services. The same goes for Microsoft/Hotmail. Buzz is going to be a better product no matter what. I have not been able to use it yet, but from the event held this morning it seems that Buzz holds more features then Yahoo and Microsoft/Hotmail.

Via TechCrunch