7 Million Attempts To Download Flash On iPhone & iPod Touch In December

Apparently, Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users want Flash on their devices, but Apple simply refuses to give way. And the lack of Flash support on the iPad tablet makes the growing rift between Apple and Adobe more prominent and it seems that there hasn’t been any resolutions so far.

Adobe told Ryan Kim from the San Francisco Chronicle that there were over 7 million attempts to download Flash from Adobe.com on the iPhone/iPod Touch’s Safari browser in December 2009, more than two-fold than in June (3 million attempts) the same year. Users will receive an error message when they try to install Flash to their mobile devices: “Apple restricts use of technologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod Touch.”

Apple claims that Flash will potentially cause more harm than good because it’s responsible for half of Mac crashes, and the California-based tech giant didn’t want their users to have a “poor experience”. As TechXav’s Jake Smith pointed out, many developers want to move to HTML 5 and Apple needs to realize Flash is a big part of the web despite how crappy the code is. It would just make the browsing experience on the internet a lot better.

This isn’t it. I believe the main reason behind the continuous refusal could be that Apple doesn’t want iPhone users to shift their focus of indulging in iPhone game apps to free web-based ones. This will definitely affect iPhone game developers and of course Apple themselves in terms of revenue.