MoMuPL: Listen to your Favorite Movie Soundtracks Online for Free

I personally love the movie – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Not only because of its stunning and impressive display of digital effect or massive amounts of swirling, twirling, machine-crunching robot action onto the screen, but most importantly is its amazing theme song – New Divide, composed by Linkin Park. Usually, I would head to YouTube and plug in my iPod ear piece into the speakers to listen to the movie soundtrack. Now, MoMuPl got to become my preferred choice.

Developed by Daniel Clarke, MoMuPl is an online movie soundtrack player which lets you listen to your favorite movie soundtracks with just a few clicks. Simply punch in a movie name that you like and with any luck it should then provide you with a way to listen to some of not all of the tracks that movie has. For example, search for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and a list of soundtracks related to that specific release will display right in front of you. You can then start streaming the soundtracks by clicking on the “Play” button. As simple as that.

MoMuPl is powered by IMDB & Youtube.