This Is How The New Windows Live Messenger 2010 Will Look Like

As a teenager, I’m an avid user of MSN, which I use to chat and play UNO with my friends. Of course, I’m eager to try out the new messenger. Earlier this week, we posted a couple of exclusive screenshots about the upcoming Microsoft Windows Live Messenger (also known as Wave 4), which will be launched in mid-March this year. And now there’s more purported Wave 4 screenshots surface.

The new messenger will include several awesome features such as Windows 7 taskbar integration by adding the four default status markers, tabbed chats windows similar to those in IE8, combining both the “Winks” and “Emotions” into one button, and a major improvement to its Photo Sharing (allowing users to share photos from their online albums or search the web for photos).

View more screenshots a href=””target=”_blank”>here.