New Android Phone Coming to Verizon in March

During CES last month Motorola mentioned some new phones are coming, but didn’t really go into detail. Today, officialy stated by Verizon, the Motorola Devour is on its way to Verizon in March.

The device is not to have multi-touch, because it is on operating system version 1.6. There is still a month before launch, and 2.1 could certainly be added or a multi-touch add-on can come. Here are some other software and hardware features you might want to check out:

  • 3.1-inch Capacitive Touch Screen (for size comparison, the Droid has a 3.7-inch)
  • Touch sensitive navigation pad
  • 8 gb MicroSD card
  • MotoBLUR, Motorola’s “cloud” add-on to the Android OS

Will this be a game changer for Android like the Nexus One was? No. The Nexus One still kills the Devour in speed, screen size, and the software itself. If you are looking to buy an Android phone on Verizon, I would wait until the Spring when the Nexus One is shipped. The Android army is building, with more and more phones added!