New Gmail Feature Coming Tomorrow

Many of the top social media news websites have gotten invites to Google for tomorrow’s unveiling of a new feature. The¬†Wall Street Journal reports that Google will release a new feature to Gmail, allowing you to update your status like Twitter and Facebook.

Currently you can only update your status on Gchat, and it acts like an “away message”. The new feature will probably work over multiple platforms including Gmail, Picasa, and Youtube.

Google could make this product really effective if it was allowed on 3rd party applications like TweetDeck and Seesmic. I will only use a social media service, if it has an application. I don’t like taking extra time to pull the website up, when I could just update it on my computer. I really hope it is adopted by TweetDeck.

A great point made by Mashable is that Google needs to make a new “friend list” for this service. Whenever you email someone they are added to your contact list. Just because you emailed them once, doesn’t mean you want them seeing the status you just shared.

Official post will come tomorrow with whatever is released.