Online Business Success: Tips from Hostgator

With the hindsight from more than a decade of Google search-supported internet, we can now look back to comprehend one of the most successful online businesses that was built during this period, Hostgator.

I’ve been with Hostgator for about two and a half years since early 2008, and they are one of the two or three hosts that I feel comfortable working with. After actually trying 5-6 hosts and researching into many more, I definitely like their style. They do not give the impression that they are there just to take money from you.

Their customer service is phenomenal. I love their real-time chat, as it makes you feel more at ease if something is wrong. During this period that I have been with them, I have had only one major problem with their shared hosting plans. During that time, even their home page was offline, so I was quite concerned. Besides that time, they only had a few minor problems, and were super professional about fixing them quickly. Their virtual private server (VPS) hosting, which started just last year, has had a few hiccups in the past year, but I’m sure that they’re striving on improving it.

What has contributed to Hostgator’s success?

Hostgator founder Brent Oxley
Hostgator founder,
Brent Oxley

Hostgator founder, Brent Oxley, was interviewed in the July 2009 article, Web Hosting Interview –, on Host Search. When specifically asked about reasons for his success, Brent says, “I think pretty much any company that has an unquestionable dedication to its customers will be successful. If you spend time caring about your customers, they’ll respect that and continue to refer your company to their friends and family.”

In the March 2009 article, Interview: 10 Questions with Hostgator, at Web Hosting Secret Revealed, former customer service manager Douglas Hanna says, “…I think HostGator as been successful because it has innovated in the industry while at the same time keeping to its roots as an honest web hosting company that strives to deliver personal service.”

Hostgator has undoubtedly innovated, and we hope that they will continue to provide exceptional service and maintain commitment to their roots as we head into the maturation phase of the internet in the next few decades, and perhaps beyond. They have provided such a superb business template and organizational structure that it would serve well (pun intended) for not only online companies, but also offline companies, to emulate to achieve greater entrepreneurial success.