Opera Will Re-invent the Web! 3 Predictions About What Will They Do.

Opera promises to re-invent the web – Big “freedom” reveal planned for June 16. This is the online poster for “freedom”:

Opera Freedom: http://www.opera.com/freedom.

What will Opera do on June 16? Here are some possible predictions:

Prediction 1: Something about HTML5 / CSS3

It is very hard to change the Web Standard today, since there are dozens of web browsers using different cores, such as Gecko, WebKit and IE. All the web cores should have same changes at one time so that webpages for new Web Standard can be shown correctly in different browsers, then web designers can transfer. Opera used to be the king of web browser, but these years, it has faced strong competition from Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. It is possible for this web browser giant to do something about new Web Standard now. Also, I have found that Opera has a lack in support of HTML5 as many websites with new technologies cannot be displayed well in Opera.

Prediction 2: New web browser control method

Opera always wants to do incredible things. On this year’s April Fool, Opera has released a Face Recognition technology that comes with a set of diagrams to teach users how to use face to control the browser. Actually this is a joke. As well, Opera has Sound Recognition technology and so on. Is it possible for Opera to release a new control method on Freedom? I think it is possible.

Prediction 3: New Web Development Platform

This is a huge task, Rich Internet Applications are becoming more and more popular today. Currently, there are three main markets: Adobe (Flash and Flex), Microsoft (Silverlight) and Google (Javascript). Will Opera join this competition too? Probably Opera will release a new Web Development Platform to allow developers use a special technology (most probably Javascript) to develop RIAs. Now the most competitive web browser is Chrome, we can use APIs to develop state-of-the-art applications for Chrome now. I have remembered that Opera had said that HTML5 can make Flash useless, maybe the browser can add more features into HTML5 and do the things like Chrome does.

Opera will RE-INVENT the web! The focus is “Reinvent”, that means they will lead revolution. In this way, I think Prediction 3 may become the most probable one. But what will happen on Freedom? We can only wait till:

June 16th at 9:00 a.m (CEDT)

Time will tell.

If you have any other predictions more wonderful than mine, show it up, leave comment below.