PageBoss: Probably The Best Website Analyzer On The Web

logo_pagebossI know that there are actually thousands of web tool out there which provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stats for webmasters or bloggers to find out how well their websites perform as compared to others. Even though you usually check your stats using these popular tools, I’d suggest you trying out a newly-launched service known as PageBoss.

googleComes in four different languages, PageBoss is developed by Pros (a Turkish company) and its main focus of creating this web analyzer is to benefit bloggers who in the past have to head to multiple websites to view their statistics which are quite important to them. The user-interface is rather simple but at least viewing the data in a drop-down menu makes it neat and wonderful. This free service grabs website stats from a dozen of sources which includes search engines (Googe, Yahoo, Live Search), Alexa, NetCraft, dmoz, Technorati, Delicious, Quantcast, WSC, WayBackMachine and even micro-blogging platform Twitter.

Besides showing traffic data, it also takes into consideration of the website information such as IP address, creation date, size of the HTML file size, etc. Among all these sources, I love the comprehensive information provided by Google. For example, PageRank, number of Backlinks, Indexed Pages, Directory, Trends, Analytics and Bot’s Last Visit are also included. Another one which is really impressive too is Alexa. Instead of just presenting to users the rank which most similar Web tools do, other useful stats like the Speed, Backlinks, percentage of users coming from the countries and traffic rank in other countries. However, for my blog, the stats seem to be quite inaccurate. How can it be that my Alexa rank is 10 and 24 in Indonesia and India respectively? Impossible!


PageBoss is really worth trying because bloggers are able to access to a variety of their statistical data and it’s user-friendly too. However, there are some downsides of which some of them will affect users’ website analyzing experience. First of all, the speed of analyzing is slow. Probably it’s because it needs to scan through many sources to retrieve the data. But I hope that the folks there could improve it by cutting down the loading time. As I’ve mentioned earlier on, some of the data are inaccurate. This could be the fault of the owners of the respective companies or services. Despite these factors, it’s well-done when you look it as an overall aspect.