Pixavid: The Fastest & Easiest Way to Upload & Share Your Photos

If you’re looking for a free image hosting site which offers a fast and easy way to upload and share your photos with your friends, then I would suggest you to give Pixavid a try! Pixavid is a free and easy-to-use image hosting and sharing service that allows you to upload a picture and share it on social networking sites in just a few simple steps.

To start, simply head to Pixavid and click ‘add a picture’ to upload an image from your computer. Within a few seconds (depending on your file size), your photo is up, waiting for you to share it with your friends. From there, you can share it on your social networking profiles such as Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, and Stumbleupon. To reach out to a wider audience, you can post the images links on personal sites, and message boards. It even provides a simple e-mail system which enables users to e-mail their links to a friend of sharing service.



Unlike photo-sharing service Flickr, you need not to sign up for an account to upload images on Pixavid. Since the developers behind Pixavid focus on simplicity, there are no comprehensive features like tagging, groups or comments. All you do is to upload and share images via social websites. Nothing more than that. Surprising, Pixavid doesn’t limit the filesize of photos per upload. The newly-launched image hosting service was built with jQuery and comes in a dark interface.