Point Inside iPhone App Helps Mall Shoppers Navigate Stores, Restrooms, etc.

Kevin Foreman, CEO of Point Inside, together with 6 developers have created a simple but useful app that helps mall shoppers know what’s around them. Point Inside in a free iPhone/iPod Touch/Android app that enables mall shoppers to navigate any store, restroom, elevator, and more without any much hassle.

Touted as “your personal mall concierge guide”, it provides the only fully interactive Smart Map™ directory of the interiors of shopping malls and even enables users to instantly locate over 100,000 stores, as well as restrooms, elevators, ATMs, parking, in hundreds of malls across the United States and Canada.

To start using the app on your iPhone/iPod Touch, simply head over to this page and download it via iTunes. On the other hand, if your smartphone runs on Google’s Android, download it by going to Android Marketplace on your phone and search for Point Inside. Once you have the Point Inside app installed on your device, you can then begin exploring a mall’s interior layout.

It features high-resolution maps to help you find your way to any store or guest service and an awesome search system that allows you to search by store name or description. For each retailer, the app provides a store description, store hours, link to their website, and a direct phone number to call. Some of the really cool features the app offers include the ability to function offline even when there’s no cellular or Wi-Fi signal available, and search for events, promotions, services, and stores in every mall, or navigate by the overview map. What’s more titillating is that users can record the location of their parked car, so they can easily find it when their shopping trip is done.

“People are constantly seeking directions inside shopping malls and their frustration amounts to something we call ‘indoor navigation anxiety’,” said Kevin Foreman, CEO, of Point Inside, Inc. “We developed the Point Inside App to provide shoppers with a free mobile map that allows them to search for, and pinpoint, the exact location of not only their favorite stores, but restrooms, elevators, ATMs, and even kiosks.  With Point Inside on your iPhone or iPod touch you can make paper maps and directories a thing of the past.”  

So what are you waiting for? Get the Point Inside app on your iPhone or Android smartphone today!