Produle Helps You Create Interactive Flash Based Applications Online

Now with an increasing demand of flash based apps, probably most developers will start to make the switch to focus on a more interactive one that attracts the eyes of the users. Even though there are several downsides with Flash, but overall the majority would love these beautiful apps which are powered by Flash. Using the Adobe Flash really cost a bomb and some complicated features are simply too difficult especially for beginners. I’d suggest you trying out a free Web service called Produle that helps you design, publish and share flash apps using an impressive drag-and-drop editor that requires no basic knowledge of coding.


It features a full-featured editor which contains over 45 elements and even offers built-in data services which are quite useful to us. Based on the element Adobe Flex SDK framework, it offers a collection of elements that enables you to create various effects such as formatting, multimedia, visualization, forms, containers and tables. What makes me impressed is the Data Manager. It presents a simplified interface for connecting to XML based data services and creating data models from them.


If you want to create a new flash app and aren’t familiarized with the high-tech Adobe Flash and memorizing ActionScript codes, you should give Produle a try and check out how well is it.