Singapore guy loses mobile phone, offers $10,000 reward!

A Singaporean guy known only as Eddy Sun has apparently misplaced his Garmin-ASUS nuvifone M10 mobile phone while shopping at Borders, Orchard Road, Singapore. And to most of our dismay, he is offering a massive reward of $10,000 in cash to the person who finds it and returns in back to the rightful owner. However, it comes with one clause — do not share his videos in his phone online.

Giving a reward of $10,000 sounds absurd to many, and he could have bought another 10 of such smartphone with that huge sum of money. This has instinctively sparked off interest among the local netizens, who boldly claim that the contents inside his mobile phone are of great importance to him and he desperately wants it back untouch. And by saying this suggests that his mobile phone contains a significant amount of “private videos” that he does not wish to be distributed on the net.

Below is a video, which he posted on YouTube, in an effort to retrieve his smartphone back and of course the “precious” contents in it. And Eddy has even set up a blog to promote his “Help Find My Phone” campaign.

If you mange to pick up his phone, would you return it back to him and get the reward or forgo the reward and post those videos on the net? Well for me, I would definitely return it back to him not because of the money but due to the fact that we must respect one’s privacy. If you were to be put into his shoes, of course you wouldn’t want the person who picked up your phone to reveal your personal information or multimedia contents to the whole world to see.

Once in a while, our phones will go missing, either misplacing it or stolen by a greedy fellow. It is quite unusual for people to offer rewards to those who manage to pick up their phone and return it back to them unless the mobile device contains some really crucial or private information that should not be exposed out.

What do you think?