Slim Xbox Announced

It’s official — the long speculated slim Xbox 360 had finally been announced at E3 yesterday and had already started shipping. As stated above, the new Xbox will have a 250 GB Hard disk and built in Wifi — but what does this changes mean?

For one, the new Xbox addresses many of  the orginal’s criticism. The Xbox had been mocked at for its overcharging of accessories. Previously, it took $100 — 1/3 of the Xbox’s price — to get Wifi and the 250GB hard disk cost $129. With the new Xbox, this issue had been resolved, putting an end to the fed up gamers who did not want to pay so much for WiFi. Besides that, with the 250GB HDD, the ability to install games to the hard drive can now be more widely used, as the old 20GB HDD can’t hold that many 6GB games.

Also, lets not forget the disastrous failure rates on the original Xbox. It’s almost certain that your console will break within 2 years- in the last 3 years, I got 2 hardware failures, or more commonly known as the menacing “Red Ring of Death”. Its a pain to have to carry the xbox all the way across town to exchange another one- in the US, they actually send you boxes to mail your Xboxes to the repair centres, much like an coffin.

This unit also comes with enough power to run Microsoft’s Kinect (Project Natal), while the older units need another power outlet.