SlingPlayer App gets approved by AT&T for the iPhone, in time for what?

Ever since the iPhone/iPod application store has been in¬†existence, Apple and AT&T have had issues with approving voip and streaming applications. Until just a few months ago voip applications weren’t accepted, now it’s the SlingBox’s turn. A Sling Box allows you to watch your DVR/cable box from your laptop using a peice of hardware and software. It is very easy to setup and use. Sling was always missing one thing, an iPhone application that works over 3G. AT&T allows it to run over 3G on their Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, buy why not the iPhone’s? Maybe because of the track-record of people using so much bandwidth on AT&T.

Sling has always had an application to watch your television over wi-fi on the iPhone and iPod, but AT&T had an issue with accepting Sling’s request for it to work over 3G on the iPhone. The obvious reason for Sling’s denial was the fact AT&T can’t handle the bandwidth.

Finally AT&T accepted it, after saying Sling changed its application to work better over our wireless connection. Sling told Engadget they didn’t change the application itself, but had engineers to work with AT&T on bandwidth issues.

But why now AT&T?

With the upcoming release of the iPad, wouldn’t this be a great application to have! You could watch your television anywhere you go.

Nevertheless this will be a great add-on to the Apple App Store. The application will be up in a few days, when Apple approves it.