Spawn Player: The Slingbox for Video Games

For years now we have used a product called the Slingbox. The Slingbox allows you to watch your DVR/Cable box away from your home, with your laptop. A new product was shown-off at CES this year, called the Spawn Player, and is this thing cool!

If you travel a lot you won’t be able to carry your Xbox 360 or PS3 with you on the plane or on that long car trip. With the Spawn Player, you are able to play your Xbox 360 or PS3 on your laptop with some simple hardware and software.

First, you are required to buy the Spawn player itself. The player is available right now for $199.99 (not to shabby), at Best Buy, Radioshack, etc. The player only supports a Xbox 360 or PS3, because of the complication with the Wii’s accelerometer. With the Spawn Player you connect your Xbox or PS3 to the box (outputs back to the TV), and hook a controller up to the USB port on the box. The controller hooked to the  box will communicate you laptop to the Xbox. As long as the box and console are in line of sight, it will power on from a simple push of a button inside of the software on the laptop.

From the laptop, all you have to do is download the software, connect a USB controller, and press the power button inside the software. It is so easy!

Playing in the software is just like playing your video games at home. This new device is really useful.